Busty Audrey Bitoni Gets Cremed

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Audrey Bitoni is a busty cop with a great set of tits that peek out of her uniform. Her boyfriend, however, is a no-good cheater who works at a donut shop and spends his time on the clock jacking off into the creme filling with the help of his sexy coworker, Honey White.

When Audrey shows up one day and takes a bite only to discover what is inside, she makes Honey watch while she stakes claim to her man by fucking him on the spot.

No customers interrupt as she offers up her big boobs for a hot titfuck and then spreads her shapely legs to get that prize pussy pounded by Johnny’s massive meat.

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Audrey Bitoni Big Boobs and BJ at the BBQ

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Audrey Bitoni is enjoying a good old fashioned American BBQ in a skimpy bikini with her good friends when a British guy shows up and the other company disagrees with his showing the British Flag.

Audrey is an accepting babe however, and wants to show unity instead of separation. She does that by getting down on her knees and sucking on his big cock.

With her big boobs busted free and curves exposed, she gets to work on getting him off and goes wild for the deep thrusting and eventually the salty cumshot.

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Audrey Bitoni Sprayed With Adulterous Cum

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Audrey Bitoni is sexy as hell and her real estate agent can’t understand why she lets her husband treat her like shit all the time. He knows that the busty brunette needs a real man to bring her to her senses and he is up to the challenge.

When Audrey’s husband leaves, the realtor goes to her and gives her exactly what she craves – a good pounding from his big attentive dick.

Audrey is happy for the release and to get some revenge on her jerk spouse. She fucks with no inhibition and takes a load of hot adulterous cum on her face for the finish.

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Audrey Bitoni Naughty in Cute Pink Lingerie

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This is an older set of sex bomb Audrey Bitoni, but it was simply too hot to not share here.

Still busty, but not quite as curvy as she is now, Audrey shows off her slightly slimmer shape in cute pink lingerie. She has a youthful glow and frisky energy that come across beautifully.

With her dark hair worn long but pinned back from her stunning face, Audrey slips her polka-dot panties down to show off her smooth shaven cooch.

Soon after, her matching top is lowered to allow her big breasts to spill out and she stares through the lens at you while you take in the sight.

Bracing herself against a chair, Audrey opens her legs and spreads her pink.

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Audrey Bitoni Toys on the Patio

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Audrey Bitoni has a look of pure sex in her eyes. She is outside and she is ready to unleash.

Her long dark hair is pinned back from her face but still worn down. Her makeup is flawless and complements her sexy bone structure.

She wears a two-piece lingerie set that is hot but not trashy. Of course the clothes can’t stay on.

She strips naked on the patio and displays her big boobs and sweet ass to the camera. She has a seat and spreads her thighs.

Audrey plunges a cock-like dildo deep into her pussy for an afternoon of horny masturbation.

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Audrey Bitoni Alone and Naughty

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Audrey Bitoni is the ultimate sex bomb. She can drive you wild in hardcore and girl-girl scenes and equally so even when she is all alone.

This solo gallery showcases her insanely thrilling curves in a black bra and thong, partnered with crazy high stilettos and fishnet thigh-highs.

Audrey straddles a leather chair and postures her ample booty outward to really draw your attention to that sweet, sweet ass.

She pouts her plump lips and tosses her shiny midnight hair while looking over her shoulder with bedroom eyes. When she spins around and pops those luscious melons out and moves her panties to expose her pussy, you’ll never want to look anywhere else.

Her fingers disappear into her cooch and the view is great.

Audrey Bitoni Teams Up With Alexis Texas

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Audrey Bitoni is bored with her husband’s talk of work. On this particular day, he is discussing real estate with the spouse of Alexis Texas and the wives are left looking for ways to entertain themselves.

Alexis introduces Audrey to her driver, a tall, muscular man with a big cock just waiting to be enjoyed.

The horny pair of housewives put their libidos into overdrive and reach for his throbbing stick shift.

They work together on getting him off and manage to get plenty of hot girl-on-girl action into the mix as well for this hardcore threesome gallery.

For more of her naughty blonde girlfriend, check out this hot Alexis Texas content

Audrey Bitoni Black Lace and Bare Feet

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Sit back and get comfortable. Make sure you have plenty of time available because you will not want to rush through this seductive Audrey Bitoni pictorial. You will want to savor every single image.

Audrey wears dark eyeliner and deep red lipstick to really play up her erotic appeal. She looks like the ultimate embodiment of sex. She is lust in the flesh.

Her voluptuous breasts are covered by a black lace bra while her round booty is embraced by matching panties. Her dark attire and hair paints a striking contrast when she lays back against her fresh white linens. Audrey is in bed and she is ready for you to join her.

Exposing her large breasts and reaching her arms above her head, Audrey plants her feet firmly to the mattress and opens up her womanly thighs. With her panties removed, her sweet pussy awaits you.

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Audrey Bitoni: Stockings on a Stormy Day

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With storm clouds forming behind her, Audrey Bitoni stands unfazed on the balcony. She looks all-powerful with her goddess-like beauty and unwavering sex appeal.

Audrey’s voluptuous breasts spill from her corset as she twirls her black boa in her arms. Her ample ass is an exciting vision in and out of her skimpy thong.

Setting herself down on white furnishings, she would be the perfect cover for a trashy romance novel, except that every photograph leads her one more step into too naughty a territory.

Audrey exposes her ass and pussy and then plunges a dildo so deep that you can hardly even see it is still there. She is the ultimate seductress.

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Audrey Bitoni Solo in Fishnet Stockings

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Here is a gorgeous solo gallery of curvy sexcat Audrey Bitoni slowly stripping to show off her sumptuous shape.

She wears a sexy bra and panty set and black fishnet stockings that run down to her black stiletto heels.

Taking off her bra and setting her big boobs loose, the luscious brunette paints a stunning picture. It gets even better as her panties are pushed down.

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